Suddenly it becomes all rather real!

Happy new year! It’s 2019!

With the first day back almost over, it’s an opportunity to reflect and look forwards…it’s surprising how different a deadline feels, this side of Christmas!

One of the things I have experienced throughout my PhD journey so far, is the balance required for, and importance of, time management and prioritisation. And now, with 5 months to go, more than ever….it is crucial!

For me, it’s about blocking out time for the work that I need to complete. With that comes a certain level of judgement on what and why to prioritise one piece of work over another. At this point, it’s about finding the balance between thesis writing, editing, research assistant tasks, looking at next steps, submitting abstracts … it’s a juggling act for sure!

four rock formation
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Another thing I’ve realised is, that even at this stage in the game, it’s sometimes important to take a step back, re-assess and reflect…and go back over the basics, again!

Just before Christmas I was tired, I didn’t have my ‘writing head’ on … so I started to look for inspiration and stumbled upon Cecile Badenhorst‘s blog and youtube videos. If you haven’t come across her – check her out! She’s got so many useful tips and resources. Fab!

Constant reminders about how YOU learn & work best!

Why I can’t remember that I’m a visual learner, I’m not sure!?! It’s only taken me the best part of my PhD to actually be consistently using visual methods in all aspects of my research, from planning to analysis.

For some people, it might give them a headache, but to others like me, it’s that lightbulb moment, where things finally start to make sense! As part of this, I’ve taken on a colourful approach to note-taking…which I’m hoping to develop into sketch-notes as I practise more.

Researching ageing: key issues for research methods in gerontology – Ageing Issues British Society of Gerontology blogpost 9/11/2018


This is all well and good, but what I need to remember, as I type away at my thesis, is that it’s got to be interesting and engaging for the reader, and it’s got to reflect me, as a researcher, and my research journey so far…

On that note, I’m off to write!


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