Flourishing: arts, wellbeing and older age

After attending the Flourishing Lives Conference 2017 in London on 25th May 2017, I was delighted to engage in conversation with the organisation, and to be invited to write a blog for their website.

Writing this current post (July 2018), over a year later, I am still reminded of the delights which were explored during the one-day conference, on a sunny day in London….and I managed to re-trace my steps and find a tweet from the day:

Flourishing Lives summary

Oh, and my favourite quote from the day, from the wonderful Glenda Jackson (CBE) – which incidentally I used on the cover page of my PhD transfer report:

“I’m old, and I resent being treated like I’m incompetent and no longer have a brain.” – Glenda Jackson (CBE), Flourishing Lives Conference, London, 2017.

Anyway, I’ve got distracted….my blog for Flourishing Lives was on my research, rather than the conference (though if I find the time, and can remember back to May last year, I might blog about it!).

So, here it is – link to Flourishing: arts, wellbeing and older age blog post (July 2017).

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